There must be a law of physics or something that explains the gravitational effect one dramatic event has on the occurrence of a series of other dramatic events?  Deaths, births, anniversaries, closures, rare opportunities… everything seems to ebb and flow together.  And Buddhists would make good economists with their deep appreciation for the world’s interconnectedness, termed endogeniety in economics.  I’m not a Buddhist, but would probably benefit from being one…

And with that I’ve veered into full on intoxicated ramble mode.  As a novice blogger, I’m realizing that there are a lot of nuances and subtleties to blogging that I couldn’t fathom as a reader.  What one leaves out is as important as what little is released out into the wild wild web.  How and to what end a blogger accomplishes this completely boggles my mind!  One of these days, I’ll get the hang of it …

Meanwhile, guess what show debuted 10 years ago this week that’s dear and near to my heart?

If I had a list like the stylish Sascha over at Coffee and Heels, this would be at the VERY top of it!

Here’s a hint video:  (I’m not responsible for the sudden outburst of sobs that might happen to you as a result of watching it  🙂 )

Who would be on your list??