Infinite spaces

Not my pic :-)

Not my pic 🙂

No matter how warm the weather is outside, I find that I never fail to wince when dipping my toes first into the contrast of just a mildly cooler swimming pool.  Coooold shivers under a beating sun are not so strange when you’re cold blooded like me.  My natural inclination is to ever so slowly inch my body down into the waters.  But of course wisdom tells me that it’s much easier and less painful to just hold my breath and throw myself into the pool and then swim like crazy.  It’s all fun and games from that point on.

So TA I am, blog of mine, internets, vast virtual cloud spaces.  No more planning, no more mauling, no more procrastinating.  I’m jumping in.  As my best friend always used to prod me, “just do it and stop over thinking it!”

I can’t wait to be familiar and established in my own corner of the blogosphere.   And I can’t wait to find my voice so that I can share, confide, and rant to my heart’s content for posterity or no one at all.

Maybe because my life will be transitioning (for the better I hope) in the coming few months as I finish my doggone never ending masters, or maybe because I’m getting OLDer and it’s high time I switch things up to get unstuck from personal ruts, but don’t you ever just feel a deep urge and yearning for change?  From head to toe, inside and out.  It’s like I’ve been infected belatedly by Obama’s slogan.  Such is the life of a late bloomer – always late to the party (including the blogger one ^_~)   But better late than never, right?!  And so true to what  beautiful and astute Ingrid Holm observed, “us girls…we always seem to need change.”

I’ll be sharing some of my plans and inspirations (such as the likes of Ingrid) very soon.  Need to keep the positive momentum churning and burning.  Detractors, beware!  For I’m prepared!  Mwahaha.

Beaucoup bises!