Checking-in while checked-out


Hellooooo stranger,

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past week.  Since giving my two-weeks notice at work, I’ve been unsurprisingly bombarded with transition preparation and wrapping up quarterly loose ends.

Of course, while inevitable, all of this comes at a time when I couldn’t be more…checked-out!  Yikes.  It brings back such nostalgic memories of my senior-itis days.  Remember those??  Or are/were you the unwavering student perfectly committed to your dean’s list straight A’s?  Well kudos to your work ethics if you are/were!   I’m going to plea being human 😛

I will have a week off in between to gear up and prep, and so I have a ton planned to get done and to share here, like a review of the new and ubber chic Malmaison and pics (original, finally!) from a trip to beautiful and quaint Annapolis.

Meanwhile, I’m also catching up on some of my favorite blog-reading, which you can now see there ->



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