Plastic therapy

I’m ashamed to say that since this blog started, I’ve completely neglected to capture a significant fixation of mine that is one of the major inspirations behind this blog.

Having finished my class and landing my dream job, I didn’t pause long before I started rewarding myself with some retail therapy, even though I’m supposed to be on a shopping moratorium for a while.  But sometimes you’re the only one around to pat your back when you deserve it 😛  I’m a great advocate for patting your own back, btw!   hehehe.

Treat #1:

Dolce Vita ethereal silk lace top (link)


I was turned off from Anthropologie for a while because of their sizing and sometimes verging-on-matronly style.  But their recent collections (especially petites) make me a bit weak!  This top is just divine to behold…*sign*

Treat #2

Vintage red plaid sheath (etsy)


I’ve been eyeing this little number for a few months.  With fall around the corner, I want to pair this versatile piece with some tights and boots under a jacket or blazer.  I can see it dressed up or down.  I can’t get enough of the gusset under-arms, back buttons, and the adorable faux flap-pockets details!  Incidentally, plaid is all over Fall trends.

Treat #3

Benefit They’re Real! (link)


I placed an order for some of my usual sephora staples.  I’ve been a loyal user of Diorshow mascara for as long as I can remember.  But I feel like switching up my routine.  Using the Shu Uemura lash curler, even drug store mascaras work great.  So I’m curious to see how this one performs.  Will let you know!

Of course, what’s shopping without some wishful browsing?  Here are some things I’m already lusting for my next billing cycle (yes that’s how I pace myself.  Scary, right?)  How do you budget and plan out your purchases, btw??

Lust #1

Mixed Moto Jacket (link)


Leather jackets are usually not for me.  This one is different.  And it whispers for me to snatch it up ASAP before it’s gone in the blink of an eye.

Lust #2

VERSO eye serum (link)


Speaking of eye(s), I discovered this new brand that uses a novel form of retinol in its formulation.  And since retinol is one of the least scientifically disputed anti-aging ingredients, it’s likely worth the investment.  I can’t wait to try it soon and give you a review!

My lust list is short so-far and I need to keep it this way for a while.  Thanks to my planning, organizing, rebooting my personal finances, my shopping moratorium will be resume full effect until further notice.  I will be posting my plans soon too.  And for now, I’m satisfied I’ve finally shared some eye candy.

What’s on your buy list?  Let me live vicariously 🙂




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