Data dump

So I fell off the wagon for a wee bit there.   Oops!  But hey, it’s not the one step back that defines our progress, it’s our two steps forward, n’est ce pas? 🙂

Over this past week, I had a surprising and wonderful development that was in the making for a loooooooooooong time (close to 10 years!)

I’m shocked at having to quantify that.  But (I’m always full of but’s) I’m just SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to finally have reached this point thanks to painstaking perseverance and some sheer serendipity.

I will be embarking on my dream job working in the area of marketing analytics in three weeks.  Unlike the countless number of unfulfilling careerist jobs that I’ve slogged through along the way, not always certain of my direction or trajectory,  I can truly say for once that I feel I have EARNED my place this time.  The market must be efficient in the long run.

Maybe it’s a bourgeois ailment, but a horrible side-effect to having a job that you don’t care for but are qualified for is that you’re robbed of a sense of gratitude.  It’s like having a relationship with someone that loves you more than you love them, which is all swell and fun at first, but eventually saps you of joy and meaning unless you have no fiber of feeling or an iota of compassion.

I guess I’m trying to say, there is no better job than one where you earn just rewards from a labor of love  🙂

This use to be me...

This used to be me…




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