Absence =/= Negligence, entirely.

I almost feel like I need to reintroduce myself, after almost a month’s hiatus.  Dear blog and blog reading friends, I promise I thought about you a lot, and missed writing to you, and even wrote bits and pieces here and there.  But alas, life gets in the way, and the sum of parts does not equal a whole.

So to jump start myself here again, I’ll give you the bird’s eye view of where I’ve been in chronological order:

– Visited beautiful Annapolis right before Labor Day (far too late, but I hope you had a good one?)  Ate lots of seafood, explored beautiful water-front views in old town, and discovered too many doggy-friendly establishments that definitely calls for a follow-up visit with my entire furry bear family.




– Got initiated into much-needed mindfulness meditation through a local yoga workshop that inspires me to try and squeeze in yet another extracurricular pursuit,

– Wrapped up my last job on a personal high note.

– Had all of 2 days to breathe and organize myself before being slammed with emergency vet visits and the start of fall semester.  Nonetheless, I’m ever grateful for the short break and the last semester before graduation!

2013-09-05 13.56.05

2013-09-05 13.25.11

2013-09-05 13.23.53

– Started my exhilarating new job!  I’m basically enamored by it so far, as much as a person can be with a job, as far as I know.  Never have I been so occupied and challenged, and loving it!

2013-09-17 10.02.57

– Tried to keep up with NYFW through some of my favorite style bloggers (Carin, Nicole, Kelly, Fashion Foie Gras, and Wendy), but just like my own blog, it took a back seat to all else for the most part.  What do you love from the next spring trends or collections?

– Witnessed (from very afar because of school and work demands) my little cousin’s holy matrimony.  I love her equestrian photoshoot!


So as you can see, there were a few reasons for the radio silence :-p  For the next three months, I’ll be holding my breath and posting less frequently.  I hope to burst back into life shortly after that!

Till next time, dear blog and blog readers!  My thoughts will be here even if I’m not.

Rallo Bear and Mommy, co Bear Daddy

Rallo Bear and Mommy, co Bear Daddy




Checking-in while checked-out


Hellooooo stranger,

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past week.  Since giving my two-weeks notice at work, I’ve been unsurprisingly bombarded with transition preparation and wrapping up quarterly loose ends.

Of course, while inevitable, all of this comes at a time when I couldn’t be more…checked-out!  Yikes.  It brings back such nostalgic memories of my senior-itis days.  Remember those??  Or are/were you the unwavering student perfectly committed to your dean’s list straight A’s?  Well kudos to your work ethics if you are/were!   I’m going to plea being human 😛

I will have a week off in between to gear up and prep, and so I have a ton planned to get done and to share here, like a review of the new and ubber chic Malmaison and pics (original, finally!) from a trip to beautiful and quaint Annapolis.

Meanwhile, I’m also catching up on some of my favorite blog-reading, which you can now see there ->


Plastic therapy

I’m ashamed to say that since this blog started, I’ve completely neglected to capture a significant fixation of mine that is one of the major inspirations behind this blog.

Having finished my class and landing my dream job, I didn’t pause long before I started rewarding myself with some retail therapy, even though I’m supposed to be on a shopping moratorium for a while.  But sometimes you’re the only one around to pat your back when you deserve it 😛  I’m a great advocate for patting your own back, btw!   hehehe.

Treat #1:

Dolce Vita ethereal silk lace top (link)


I was turned off from Anthropologie for a while because of their sizing and sometimes verging-on-matronly style.  But their recent collections (especially petites) make me a bit weak!  This top is just divine to behold…*sign*

Treat #2

Vintage red plaid sheath (etsy)


I’ve been eyeing this little number for a few months.  With fall around the corner, I want to pair this versatile piece with some tights and boots under a jacket or blazer.  I can see it dressed up or down.  I can’t get enough of the gusset under-arms, back buttons, and the adorable faux flap-pockets details!  Incidentally, plaid is all over Fall trends.

Treat #3

Benefit They’re Real! (link)


I placed an order for some of my usual sephora staples.  I’ve been a loyal user of Diorshow mascara for as long as I can remember.  But I feel like switching up my routine.  Using the Shu Uemura lash curler, even drug store mascaras work great.  So I’m curious to see how this one performs.  Will let you know!

Of course, what’s shopping without some wishful browsing?  Here are some things I’m already lusting for my next billing cycle (yes that’s how I pace myself.  Scary, right?)  How do you budget and plan out your purchases, btw??

Lust #1

Mixed Moto Jacket (link)


Leather jackets are usually not for me.  This one is different.  And it whispers for me to snatch it up ASAP before it’s gone in the blink of an eye.

Lust #2

VERSO eye serum (link)


Speaking of eye(s), I discovered this new brand that uses a novel form of retinol in its formulation.  And since retinol is one of the least scientifically disputed anti-aging ingredients, it’s likely worth the investment.  I can’t wait to try it soon and give you a review!

My lust list is short so-far and I need to keep it this way for a while.  Thanks to my planning, organizing, rebooting my personal finances, my shopping moratorium will be resume full effect until further notice.  I will be posting my plans soon too.  And for now, I’m satisfied I’ve finally shared some eye candy.

What’s on your buy list?  Let me live vicariously 🙂



Data dump

So I fell off the wagon for a wee bit there.   Oops!  But hey, it’s not the one step back that defines our progress, it’s our two steps forward, n’est ce pas? 🙂

Over this past week, I had a surprising and wonderful development that was in the making for a loooooooooooong time (close to 10 years!)

I’m shocked at having to quantify that.  But (I’m always full of but’s) I’m just SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to finally have reached this point thanks to painstaking perseverance and some sheer serendipity.

I will be embarking on my dream job working in the area of marketing analytics in three weeks.  Unlike the countless number of unfulfilling careerist jobs that I’ve slogged through along the way, not always certain of my direction or trajectory,  I can truly say for once that I feel I have EARNED my place this time.  The market must be efficient in the long run.

Maybe it’s a bourgeois ailment, but a horrible side-effect to having a job that you don’t care for but are qualified for is that you’re robbed of a sense of gratitude.  It’s like having a relationship with someone that loves you more than you love them, which is all swell and fun at first, but eventually saps you of joy and meaning unless you have no fiber of feeling or an iota of compassion.

I guess I’m trying to say, there is no better job than one where you earn just rewards from a labor of love  🙂

This use to be me...

This used to be me…





Do you ever look back, and wonder if you took the right path?  And maybe wonder, if the reason why you can’t find yourself out of the familiar neck of the woods is because you had been meandering in a well-disguised circle?

So you find yourself with a new perspective, but back at the same familiar starting point.  I realize that these junctures are life’s way of telling us “don’t be afraid to pave a different path now.”

So you should not close your eyes and run blindly in to the night, even if you think you’re following a specter of your destiny.




There must be a law of physics or something that explains the gravitational effect one dramatic event has on the occurrence of a series of other dramatic events?  Deaths, births, anniversaries, closures, rare opportunities… everything seems to ebb and flow together.  And Buddhists would make good economists with their deep appreciation for the world’s interconnectedness, termed endogeniety in economics.  I’m not a Buddhist, but would probably benefit from being one…

And with that I’ve veered into full on intoxicated ramble mode.  As a novice blogger, I’m realizing that there are a lot of nuances and subtleties to blogging that I couldn’t fathom as a reader.  What one leaves out is as important as what little is released out into the wild wild web.  How and to what end a blogger accomplishes this completely boggles my mind!  One of these days, I’ll get the hang of it …

Meanwhile, guess what show debuted 10 years ago this week that’s dear and near to my heart?

If I had a list like the stylish Sascha over at Coffee and Heels, this would be at the VERY top of it!

Here’s a hint video:  (I’m not responsible for the sudden outburst of sobs that might happen to you as a result of watching it  🙂 )

Who would be on your list??


Modeling labor force participation rate has me up at an ungodly hour.  My puppies are such night owls!!  But by this time tomorrow, it will be fiiiiiiiiiinished!!!!  I can barely keep my eyes open…  So here are some lovely inspirational quotes to keep things light and pretty 🙂

hepburn quote



Little things

A friend’s father use to be a serious smoker.  By serious I don’t mean the cigarette chain smoking type, but a pipe and real tobacco puffing kind.  One day, out of concern for his health and his family, he decided to quit.  He didn’t kick the habit by relying on nicorette gum or patch like most people who developed physical addiction to nicotine do.  He just quit cold turkey.  He hasn’t picked up his pipe since, and that was nearly 10 years ago.

That’s probably how militant I need to be with self-discipline to shed my bad habits.

So, in the final stretch of my summer class, despite physical exhaustion and mental depletion, rather than invariably passing out on the couch only to wake up the next day angry with myself for sleeping fully clothed and teeth uncleaned (i.e. becoming a slob), I’m lying on the couch now with teeth brushed and my retainers in place (TMI?)

Oh it’s the little things…

I’m already looking forward to the upcoming short break and all that I’ll be able to cross off my to-do list.  Or just organize and tame that list would be nice too.  And since I’ve been aspiring to get better organized, I’ll unveil the loooveliest little way that I will be doing that 🙂

Good night

Good night

Infinite spaces

Not my pic :-)

Not my pic 🙂

No matter how warm the weather is outside, I find that I never fail to wince when dipping my toes first into the contrast of just a mildly cooler swimming pool.  Coooold shivers under a beating sun are not so strange when you’re cold blooded like me.  My natural inclination is to ever so slowly inch my body down into the waters.  But of course wisdom tells me that it’s much easier and less painful to just hold my breath and throw myself into the pool and then swim like crazy.  It’s all fun and games from that point on.

So TA DAA..here I am, blog of mine, internets, vast virtual cloud spaces.  No more planning, no more mauling, no more procrastinating.  I’m jumping in.  As my best friend always used to prod me, “just do it and stop over thinking it!”

I can’t wait to be familiar and established in my own corner of the blogosphere.   And I can’t wait to find my voice so that I can share, confide, and rant to my heart’s content for posterity or no one at all.

Maybe because my life will be transitioning (for the better I hope) in the coming few months as I finish my doggone never ending masters, or maybe because I’m getting OLDer and it’s high time I switch things up to get unstuck from personal ruts, but don’t you ever just feel a deep urge and yearning for change?  From head to toe, inside and out.  It’s like I’ve been infected belatedly by Obama’s slogan.  Such is the life of a late bloomer – always late to the party (including the blogger one ^_~)   But better late than never, right?!  And so true to what  beautiful and astute Ingrid Holm observed, “us girls…we always seem to need change.”

I’ll be sharing some of my plans and inspirations (such as the likes of Ingrid) very soon.  Need to keep the positive momentum churning and burning.  Detractors, beware!  For I’m prepared!  Mwahaha.

Beaucoup bises!